Coal Chamber Reunion Tour!

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Coal Chamber Reunion Tour
with Filter, Chombichrist, & American Head Charge
3-11-2015 at The Showbox

There were just the right amount of people at The Showbox last Wednesday night. It wasn’t sold out, but not freakishly lean either. Just enough room for moshing, jumping, and twirling your neck off with that bad-ass long hair of yours! And everyone was there to see different bands, any of which could’ve been headlining.

American Head Charge started out the night! And speaking of reunions, AHC has been back together since mid to late 2011. They have a four album catalog, most recently Tango Umbrella that was just released earlier this year.

Chris Emery, American Head Charge

Chris Emery, American Head Charge

Chombichrist blew up the stage next. This is a one man band except for live shows! Andy LaPlegua is the brain and voice behind Chombichrist. But on stage he’s accompanied by Joe Letz (drums), Z Marr (electronics & percussion), Abbey Nex (bass), and Eric 13 (guitar). And together they are an amazing industrial treat for both your eyeballs & earholes.

Andy LaPlegua, Chombichrist

Andy LaPlegua, Chombichrist

Then it was Filters turn. Now they had a rough start. They played the entire first song with no vocals coming out! And since they wear earpieces to hear each other, the band was clueless. However, they recovered quickly and just started over. The booing was quickly turned into horns & fists in the air and everyone singing along. Phew… Filters’ set was saved!

Richard Patrick, Filter

Richard Patrick, Filter

Coal Chamber headlined, taking the stage at about 10:30. Everyone on stage was part of their break-up in 2003. They came out blazing with “Loco” and “Big Truck”. Then lead singer, Dez Fafara, told everyone in listing distance to make up with people that we have rocky pasts with, that grudges take too much energy, and that reconciling differences is so worth it. That’s not a direct quote, but it did set the tone for the rest of the night. They even looked happy on stage!

Nadja Peulen, Coal Chamber

Nadja Peulen, Coal Chamber

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Charming America Tour Hits Seattle!

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Charming America Tour: In Flames
With All That Remains & Wovenwar
At The Showbox Sodo March 7, 2015

Last Saturday faces were melted at the Showbox Sodo when Wovenwar, All That Remains, and In Flames took the stage! It was a full house from the beginning to the end. A band out of San Diego, Wovenwar kicked off the evening with heavy metal tracks from their self-titled debut album. It was just released last August. All 15 tracks are available on iTunes and don’t forget to look them up on Facebook.

Josh Gilbert, WovenwarJosh Gilbert, Wovenwar — at Showbox SoDo

All That Remains was in full swing promoting their newest album, The Order Of Things. Their 11 song set included two from the new album and nine old favorites, including What If I Was Nothing. The Order Of Things is available on iTunes, Amazon, & Google. Or give it a listen on Spotify.

Philip Labonte, All That RemainsPhilip Labonte, All That Remains — at Showbox SoDo

In Flames came out with a blazing intro and by the second song, had invited everybody to crowd surf! Security definitely got their work-out in with the waves & waves of guys & girls alike, surfing their way to the front. This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night. Their 17 song set included three from their newest release, Siren Charms. It too, can be downloaded from iTunes or streamed for free, through Spotify.

Anders Friden, In FlamesAnders Friden, In Flames — at Showbox SoDo

This indeed, was a great metal show. From start to finish. If you missed any of these bands, be sure to catch them next time they’re in town!
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Welcome to NWCZ Radio! On Air Now

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nwcz logo

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Pacific Stoner Time

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Join your host Chance each and every Wednesday right here on for our newest show. Pacific Stoner Time!! 8 – 10pm. Tune in, listen up and enjoy!!!!

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From All Of Us Here At NWCZ Radio!!!!!

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Take the Dutchess of Downtown Cannabis Tour!

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Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Washington State, people have a lot of questions:
  • Where is it grown?
  • Should I get a prescription? What does it help with?
  • What accessories do I need?
  • What are the different types of marijuana and what is the difference between them?
  • Where can I buy it for recreational purposes?
  • Where can I smoke it?

These questions and more will be answered on this fun bus tour through Tacoma’s marijuana related businesses. This educational tour will help to demystify the topic and show people where to obtain marijuana and supplies legally.

This tour also includes talks from experts in Washington’s marijuana industry including a local doctor who can prescribe marijuana to qualified patients and an exhibit of locally hand-blown glass pipes.

Like other Duchess of Downtown Tours, tickets include swag bags with gifts from local businesses. VIP Swag Items Contributed by:

Smoke + Cedar
Studio 6 Ballroom
Kush Creams
Rainier Wellness Center
Creative Colloquy
Jail Sucks Bail Bonds
And more to be announced!


Check out Dutchess of Downtown Tours at:

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Life Elsewhere With Norman B

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Join us in welcoming one of the most recognizable voices in Northwest radio history. The world  famous Norman B. (KOAS, KCMU, KXRX, KNDD, KGW) to the weekly line up here on NWCZradio! Norman’s “Life Elsewhere”  is your prime source for all things arts, culture and media. Every week, LE features an array of guests bringing you the answers to your most burning questions. We thrive on listener support and participation to create a show designed for YOU. Every week followers can expect feedback from experts, celebrities, bestselling authors, politicians, activists, musicians, producers, doctors, and many others! Some call it unconventional, we just call it it Life Elsewhere. Tune in every Monday at 5pm on for Life Elsewhere!!!

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